is Justin Hileman

Lest anyone attempt to use these knots in real life:

That “sheet bend” depicted is actually a just square knot with two ends crossed. The “sheet bend double” is really called a “double sheet bend”.

Two of the knots have the standing end on the wrong side of the knot: The “square knot” is a liar’s knot, and the “tiller’s hitch” is nothing at all. If you pull on either of them, they will come untied.

The “figure eight double” should be called a “double figure eight”. This knot is used to join two ropes so it is tied with the ropes end-to-end, not parallel.

Also of interest: The “bowline” depicted is a left-handed knot. It works just as well as the right-handed variant, but it looked strange to me until I tied one of my own to compare it to.

Yeah. I’m a nerd :)